The genius designs and aesthetics of the Bremont watch collections come from the minds of brothers Nick and Giles English who inspired by their love of aviation and adventure have become famed for their reliably and stunning timepieces and chronographs.

Hand-built in Britain in limited numbers, Bremont mens watches; the Bremont Supermarine dive, with Limited Editions; the Bremont Hawking, the Bremont Jaguar and timepieces and chronographs made in collaboration with the MoD and England Rugby, are all tested beyond the normal call of duty and are immensely precise, reliable and durable.  

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The new Bremont Hawking has its roots in our home, St Albans. A watch collection commemorating the life of the remarkable Professor Stephen Hawking. Integrating authentic meteorite and original oak from Professor Hawking's desk, 


bremont hawking stainless steel1.webp
bremont hawking stainless steel.webp

Bremont Watches are commemorating the life of the remarkable Professor Stephen Hawking. Integrating authentic meteorite and original oak from Professor Hawking's desk.

Key to the design on the men’s model is its elegance, a beautiful black hole inspired dial decorates the front, but the hero is the detail on the back of the case. Wood from the desk Stephen used has been inlaid into the case to represent planets, a piece of meteorite resides in the centre and the limited edition number is etched on a piece of parchment used by him in the 1980’s. 88 are being made worldwide in the rose and white gold, 388 are being made in steel.



The Ladies features a slice of meteorite as the dial and a tungsten rota to represent the energy of the black hole. Feminine yet high functioning this watch does not disappoint. Limited to 88 worldwide it’s truly a unique opportunity to express yourself through your timepiece.



Bremont is delighted to enter a partnership that sees the home of rugby meet the home of British watchmaking. Rugby is an incredibly tough sport, steeped in English tradition and one in which Bremont shares many of its core values ; endurance, precision and accuracy.

The Bremont England Rugby Rose watch features a stainless steel Trip-Tick case construction which is manufactured in Henley-on-Thames, before being carefully hand-built and tested by Bremont's skilled watchmakers. Just like the England team, the Rose is a symbol of precision, pride and reliability for both players and fans all characteristics of all Bremont Watches. Turning the watch over reveals the words 'swing low' in tribute to the Twickenham anthem, on the custom rotor underneath and engraving of the England Rose.

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At a time of austerity, one young American dared to dream big. Pushing the boundaries of aviation, he built the largest aircraft in the world. The H-4 Hercules is better known as the ‘Spruce Goose’. Just like its creator Howard Hughes, this giant silver flying boat is legendary. The new Bremont H-4 Hercules Limited Edition pays tribute to one of the greatest feats of aviation engineering in history.

Each Bremont Hercules Limited Edition rotor is constructed using original birch wood from the H-4 Hercules fuselage, which has been carefully incorporated into each propeller blade. A percentage of proceeds from each limited edition will go towards the preservation of the aircraft at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, Oregan, USA.


The ALT1-C remains true to each of the technical principles behind any revered automatic timepiece. Integrating an impeccably modified, chronometer-rated movement, the ALT1-C as with all Bremont Watches, brings together the art of watch making with the very best of technical innovation, precision and durability.

Designed as a classic pilots watch, the SOLO is an obvious choice for those wanting to enter the world of Bremont automatic chronometers. No pilot ever forgets their first solo flight and the exhilaration as the wheels leave the runway. This feeling was undoubtedly an inspiration behind the SOLO and with it the ability to leave a long lasting impression on its wearer.

All Bremont watches represent classic ,precise British engineering and understated robust elegance and practicality.

Bremont have been commissioned by many military squadrons, special forces teams and battalions to create individual limited editions. It came as no surprise then when early in 2018 they were commissioned by the MoD to develop iconic watches for each branch of the armed forces.

Available to the military and civilians alike, these robust functional and stylish Bremont watches have not disappointed. Visit us in store to view the collection.







A robust but beautifully engineered diving watch, the S500 is named as a tribute to the iconic British aircraft manufacturer responsible for the Supermarine S6B Schneider Trophy Seaplane and of course the incredible Supermarine Spitfire.

The new Bremont Supermarine Type 300 range responds to a demand for a professional Bremont diving watch in a slightly smaller iteration. The watches’ namesake derives from the 1930’s aircraft company, Supermarine, whose first ever Spitfire prototype – the Type 300 – led to one of Britain’s most iconic aircraft.