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Stone Settings

Picking an engagement ring setting can be difficult, after all it's a ring for life! Here is a little guide to the most popular settings, so you can get an idea of what styles you might like to come and try.

Solitaire engagement ring
Diamond engagement ring with halo

A Solitaire setting is a classic style that showcases the simple beauty and sparkle of a single diamond. Solitaires look great with a big bold stone, or equally as pretty with a daintier, smaller stone.

Bezel set diamond engagement ring

A Bezel setting, also known as rubover, sets the stone flush with the metal creating a flat surface that can prevent scratches, it can also emphasise the shape of a stone. This is a great setting for a modern, minimalist look.

A halo setting features a single centre diamond surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds, adding a pretty touch and lots of extra sparkle. A coloured centre stone surrounded by white diamonds is a popular choice.

Three stone diamond engagement ring

Triple the sparkle with a three stone setting, said to symbolise the past, present and future of a relationship. A large central stone with smaller side stones is a popular choice, known as a sidestone setting.

Niessing tension set engagement ring

A tension setting uses compression to hold a single stone in place, floating it between two pieces of metal. A contemporary setting that allows you to see the entirety of a stone unimpeded by metal.

Pave set diamond engagement ring

Pave is a french word that means paved. When a ring has pave set diamonds to the surface of a band, very little of the metal is left showing through, this adds a really pretty touch and maximises the sparkle!


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Learn about the 4 C's, cut, colour, clarity and carat.

If you are inspired to commission something unique, Galio can offer a bespoke design from our in-house designer. Choose your stone, be it coloured or diamond and together we can create the perfect ring to celebrate your relationship. 

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