Junghans watches have a long history and a great tradition, in which watchmaking and art harmonise wonderfully on the wrist. Many people have the feeling of always being impeccably turned out wearing a Junghans watch.

The 2 ranges we feature are Max Bill and Meister. Both have the characteristic domed glass covering the dial, typical of the era in which they were designed. Max Bill watches feature both quartz and automatic movements. The Meister range features purely Swiss manufactured automatic movements. Visit us in store or Shop Online to find your Junghans time piece.


Much has changed since 1961. Or not. The series of mechanical wristwatches that Max Bill created for us then, is still produced, largely unchanged, today.


From the purist dial and the specially-created rounded numerals, to the domed glass that accentuates the historical charm of the watch, the wonderful simplicity of the restrained case guides the gaze to the one truly important thing: the time.

The blend of utility value and beauty could not be better. The creative philosophy of Max Bill lives on in our watches.

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When can a watch collection justifiably be called Meister? When it has retained its fascination and form over the course of decades. When technology and design are combined with character. This is the case with the mechanical watches of the Meister collection, which were first produced in the 1930s, with their heyday in the 1950s and 1960s.