Amethyst rocks!

February comes from the Latin word februa, which means “to cleanse.” The month was named after the Roman Februalia, which was a month-long festival of purification and atonement that took place this time of year. Fun fact.... February's birthstone is Amethyst!

  • The name is based on a Greek myth that speaks of a nymph named Amethyst who was inadvertently turned into white stone; in remorse, the Greek god Bacchus poured wine over her to turn her a beautiful purple.

  • The amethyst was thought to prevent intoxication and keep its wearer thinking sharply. It was worn by English royalty in the Middle Ages

  • The crystal is a quartz which is said to have cleansing properties, it is available in shades of pinkish purple from deep rich tones all the way through to lilac. More recently it has also been found in a beautiful shade of pale mint green!

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