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Christian Bauer Wedding Sets

Delicate, elegant, and sensual.

Christian Bauer wedding rings are of exceptional quality & design. Made entirely in house, right down to the alloy composition, these wedding rings are of premium quality.

The most noble alloys, made according to their own formulas, the most valuable diamonds from renowned dealers and an incomparably comfortable fit… this is what gives Christian Bauer rings their quality and allure.

Christian Bauer is a living tradition. Still based in its ancestral town of Welzheim, Germany, the company has been creating jobs or five generations.

The Christian Bauer name has meaning and prestige throughout the world. The icon for this German quality is the fir tree, which is stamped on each piece of jewellery they produce, proudly affirming the origins and character of the piece.

If the feel of a piece of jewellery is one of the main criteria of quality, then anyone who puts on one of these rings will be impressed with the expert craftsmanship that goes into them.

These rings are comfortable to wear, look flattering on the hand and accentuate the individual finger on which they are worn.

Visit us in store or contact us if you have any questions about Bridal Jewellery services.


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