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Collar Necklaces at Cannes

Fine jewellery collar necklaces are exquisite pieces designed to encircle the neck in a bold and elegant manner, and they were a firm favourite at Cannes this year.

Collar necklaces are characterised by their close-fitting nature, sitting snugly around the base of the neck and often extending slightly below the collarbone. Collar necklaces are known for their timeless appeal and have been a popular choice among jewellery enthusiasts for centuries.

The collars at Cannes were bold and eye-catching, featuring intricate designs, elaborate motifs, or unique arrangements of gemstones.

Model Ambrosio got to premiere a suite of new high jewellery pieces by Pomellato, inspired by Milanese architecture, her gold Skyline necklace is set with 128 bezel-cut spinels in graduated hues and her matching earrings with 12 coloured spinels.

If you don't plan on gracing the red carpet anytime soon and need a more casual look, collar necklaces can be worn with open-neck shirts, V-neck tops, or even layered with other necklaces. Mixing metals or combining a collar necklace with delicate chains can create a stylish, eclectic effect.

To read more about the beautiful jewellery featured at Cannes this year visit the website of Katerina Perez, a World renowned jewellery expert.

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