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Natural elements with Lucy Q

Updated: May 4, 2022

Lucy Quartermaine is one of the UK’s top award-winning contemporary jewellery designers. Her dynamic range of inspirational designs offers a quirky and modern twist to traditional and skilled silver-smithing.

Inspired by organic shapes and capturing fluid elements in motion, her stunning creations began to grow to form the collections we see today. She creates remarkable designs and is able to fuse her design ambition alongside her knowledge and practice as an experienced silversmith.

Many years on and Lucy is constantly raising the bar to stand out and be unique, as her bold creations continue to be at the forefront of British Jewellery design and have led to her being instantly recognisable and truly one of a kind within the jewellery industry and followers of her stunning brand.

Mini Splash Ring £60

Inspired by nature, splash shaped pieces nestle together in a solid Sterling Silver band. Handmade by Lucy Q, an award-winning, English Jewellery designer.

Coil Drop Bangle £230

Capturing fluid elements in motion, Lucy Quartermaine's Stunning Drop Bangle has a delicate wrap around effect.

Dropping Necklace £365

Stunning Drop Necklace with 19 different sized droplets hanging from the chain. A perfectly matching piece to one of our favourite bracelets ‘The Multi Drop Bracelet’.


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