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Watches of the silver screen

Updated: May 4, 2022

The Oscars are just around the corner, although poised to feel very different than in previous years we still can't wait to see what accessories are going to be worn on the red carpet (and zoom) this year!

We'll be doing a full round up of the jewellery trends featured, but this week we've been looking at the most famous silver screen watches, including a couple from Bremont - our best-selling watch brand here at Galio.

There have been many brands featuring on screen, the obvious ones being Rolex (the star of Wolf of Wall Street, Argo, 15 Minutes and American Psycho) & Omega (James Bond, Tomorrowland, Apollo13) But even Bremont has been seen on the red carpet!

Bremont’s first big feature was Kingsman this film inspired a collection and saw Nick English cameo as one of this elite secret service.

Bremont was selected to produce a collection of three unique custom-made watches for the film. Each Kingsman agent in the film wears a beautifully crafted Kingsman Special Edition Rose Gold on an alligator strap, whilst the trainee recruits sport the black stealth-like Kingsman Special Edition DLC chronograph. Additionally, the Kingsman Special Edition Stainless Steel model is worn by Merlin (Mark Strong) who is the trainer of these potential super spies for the top secret Kingsman organisation. Bremont Co-Founder Nick English even makes a cameo appearance as one of the Kingsman. Contact us for details.

Bremont’s collaboration on the Marvel Movie Venom

The 2018 action-packed film Venom, one of Marvel's most enigmatic, complex antiheroes features another fantastic Bremont. Fitting with the dark and sombre tone of the film, the stealthy Bremont U-2/51-JET timepiece can be seen throughout adorning the wrist of Eddie Brock played by friend of the brand, Tom Hardy.

Bremont also teamed up with comic artist and aviation enthusiast, Adi Granov, to paint the Bremont Broussard, the brand’s 1950’s French military aircraft. Inspired by

the iconic shark tooth design seen on the WWII fighters Adi unleashed Venom on the nose of the Broussard, giving it a modern-day twist. With aviation deeply rooted in Bremont’s DNA, it was a perfect way for the brand to bring Venom to life. Shop the Jet here.

In 2020 the second Venom movie was due to launch, and with it a new chapter for the Bremont Venom phenomenon. The second Venom watch is the Alt1-P2-Jet, like it’s cousin it has a black DLC coating and vintage lume finish on the dial. The watch launched in March 20 but will be seen on the silver screen later this year when ‘Venom:Let there be carnage’, finally reaches a cinema near you!

MIB Ventura

The Hamilton Ventura has played a starring role in every MIB movie - as key to their characters as the black suit, wrap around shades and neuralyzer. Since 1997, it has been a part of the iconic Men in Black uniform. Daring, pioneering and ahead of its time, it’s an eye-catching choice that has served the Agents well.

The Ventura has had a cult following since its original release in 1957. The watch, like many iconic timepieces, has a nickname due to it being worn by a celebrity…and there is none bigger than Elvis Presley. Known as the ‘Elvis Watch’, primarily due to the man himself wearing a Ventura in the movie Blue Hawaii, the watch became a favourite of Elvis and he was known to buy them as gifts for friends and family.

007 classics

In the earlier films, James Bond usually wore a Rolex Submariner watch. Starting with “Goldeneye,” Omega became the franchise’s official watch partner. Hence, Bond alternately wears Rolex and Omega watches at certain points in the franchise history.

Nowadays, James Bond’s watch of choice is usually an Omega Seamaster 300.

At the end of 2019, Omega unveiled the Seamaster Diver, revealing the full specifications of the timepiece. In the film, Bond will be wearing a Seamaster housed in a 42 mm titanium case with matching mesh titanium bracelet. The watch offered to the public is the same one worn by Craig onscreen.

And Finally...

Back To The Future - Casio CA53W Twincept Databank.

By far the cheapest (and coolest) watch on this list, Marty McFly's classic Casio features a calendar, an alarm, a 1/100 second stopwatch and, of course, an 8 digit calculator :)

The perfect pick if you fancy reliving the eighties!


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