Galio Wedding Packages

Your engagement and wedding rings are two of the most significant purchases you’ll ever make in life. They are even more special for all of the time and thought which goes into choosing the perfect rings for you both. But how do you decide on what will be the most lasting element of your wedding day and when does that decision need to get made?

 Enter ‘Galio,’ a jewellers in the heart of St Albans romantic Cathedral Quarter. Against the backdrop of the amazing Abbey view from their medieval walled garden, trained consultants will advise you on the best options available from their vast stock of both traditional and contemporary rings or let us design with you your own unique design.


Enjoy our exclusive Galio wedding package.

Celebrate your relationship with exquisite rings from our unique wedding package and you'll receive:

10% discount on your initial purchase of engagement ring or wedding bands.

A further 15% discount on your subsequent purchase of wedding bands.

Plus receive a Galio care plan for your rings worth rp £400*

Make an appointment today and find your perfect rings with Galio.

* The Galio Care Plan includes 1 pre-wedding engagement ring refurbishment and 2 further refurbishments of engagement and wedding bands.


The Perfect Proposal

Galio specialises in unique and eye catching designs from both our own designers and global centers of excellence such as Hearts on Fire, Niessing, Christian Bauer, Henrich & Denzel and more. 

If you are inspired to commission something unique, Galio can offer a bespoke design from our in-house designer. Choose your stone, be it coloured or diamond and together we can create the perfect ring to celebrate your relationship. 

Camilla Halo Diamond Engagement Ring.jpg
The Proposal Piece

If you would like to get exactly what she wants but still maintain the element of surprise, choose from our range of sample rings in sterling silver and swarovski crystal. Propose with this ring. Then, post-proposal come into the store together and feel completely at ease choosing the perfect ring together. 

The Proposal Stone

If you’re not quite sure what style of ring she wants, let our diamond buyer show you a selection of sensational stones. You can hand pick the diamond that will make her say ‘YES’ and then post-proposal come to the store together to choose the perfect setting. After all it’s all about the sparkle! 

It’s nerve-racking planning the perfect proposal but Galio can take the pressure off the key element ‘The Ring’. We can help you every step of the way so you can propose knowing the ring is just perfect.