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Performance and Cocktails

For 2022, there’s a strong trend for large stone-set rings, so why not add a chic cocktail ring to your jewellery box for a dramatic touch of sparkle whatever the occasion.

Cocktail rings offer an easy way to jazz up any outfit, with their bright and joyful appearance – a great way to have fun and show off your personality

Cocktail rings have been around since their inception in the 1920s, they are ostentatious, colourful and fun. They started out as a sign of rebellion against the Prohibition that swept across America a century ago - cocktails themselves were invented to disguise alcohol and make low-quality bootlegged concoctions drinkable.

Cocktail rings were designed to be the life of the party, therefore traditionally worn for galas and cocktail parties, but nowadays you can wear jewellery whenever and however you like!

A cocktail ring can be the focal point when paired with a little black dress, but can also look great with a simple white shirt and some jeans. We love a clash of colour between jewellery pieces and outfits for a standout style statement!

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