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Jewellery Care

Galio jewellery is designed to give you lasting pleasure. We pride ourselves in offering you the best service available. To maintain your jewellery's appearance, please follow the simple steps below.

• Please bring your jewellery in regularly for a check up, at least annually. We will check for loose stones and any signs of wear and recommend any action.

• Always separate items in your jewellery box to prevent them scratching each other


• Clean regularly using a soft toothbrush dipped in warm water and a mild liquid detergent, rinse and pat dry


• Take care, when playing sports, rough work or doing the dishes! Even though precious jewellery is durable, it does become dented and scratched in wear.

• Be aware that gemstones are crystals and can be chipped or cracked through knocking against a hard surface. Some items of jewellery are not suitable for everyday wear – for example emeralds & pearls. These are more susceptible to damage if worn heavily.

• Clean pearls, emeralds and opals with specialist cleaners- ordinary detergents will make them dry out. Emeralds also benefit from a drop of almond oil applied to the back of the stone after cleaning

• Please note: matt finishes will wear off on rings and bangles, they should be regularly maintained using a matting block. Please pop into the shop for this to be done or ask a member of staff for more details.

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​Goods purchased at Galio are guaranteed for two years against manufacturer's defects. This does not cover damage caused by inappropriate treatment of goods - violent shock, obvious knocks or drops.

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