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Ethical Diamonds

Galio is a member of The National Association of Jewellers (The NAJ) and abides by its Code of Conduct.


The NAJ inspires consumer confidence to purchase from its members, who follow a Code of Conduct that sets the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and ethical business practices.


The NAJ is a founder member of an ethical standards committee, which regularly engages with non-governmental organisations, legislative bodies and suppliers to provide guidance and clarity on issues of concern in the jewellery supply chain.


The NAJ works diligently with its membership to work towards a clear policy of transparency and traceability for all materials used in the production of jewellery.


The NAJ has adopted the World Diamond Council Code of Conduct and issues detailed advice to its members on compliance.

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Our Suppliers


We work closely with all our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure they also strive to match the high standards of the NAJ. Potential customers can take satisfaction in knowing when purchasing from an NAJ member, they meet the highest standards of professionalism within the industry. 


If you would like more information about the NAJ and what it means for you, please follow this link to learn more


Galio only purchases diamonds from respectable dealers that adhere to the Kimberley Process to ensure that every attempt is always made to ensure that diamonds are not sourced from countries that use the money to fund conflicts.


Get more information about the National Association of Jewellers and what it means for you.

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 Read our Diamond guide so you can make an informed choice when you purchase your stone.

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Find out how the Kimberely Process Certification Scheme stems the flow of conflict diamonds.

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