In order to create a safe environment for all, we are offering showroom appointments and Zoom consultations to discuss your ideas and to start on the journey of creating your own bespoke piece of jewellery made especially for you.

Thinking of commissioning a special piece of jewellery or have your old jewellery redesigned and remodelled? We have been successfully creating original and unique bespoke pieces of jewellery for our clients for over 27 years.

What better way to celebrate an occasion, generate a memory or commemorate a special person or event than having a piece of bespoke jewellery commissioned and made to order especially for you. Whether it is a custom made engagement ring or the remodelling of an existing item to create beautifully customised jewellery, let us help design and develop the perfect piece just for you.


The key is developing relationships and listening.

Your stories are our inspiration.

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Come to the store and get a warm welcome from Sarah.


1. Welcome to Galio

Come into the store and enjoy a warm welcome from Sarah our designer.

Over coffee and a chat you will be introduced to the collections in the shop and try on different styles to get an idea of what suits you and how we can best create the perfect piece of bespoke jewellery that will fit your requirements. We will discuss your ideas and possible designs.

2. Sketches & Costings

Sarah will work on sketches / costings and source stones if required.

Within about 2 weeks the proposed designs for your custom made piece of jewellery will be ready and can be discussed either in person at the store or electronically by email or virtually via a zoom consultation. If you are happy with the design we can then begin production, if not further work can be done to make the design exactly how you would like it to be.

2. Finished Design

Once your personal bespoke jewellery design is finalised the concept can proceed to the workshop, where

It will be skilfully hand-crafted and custom made to order, bringing your idea to life and making your piece of jewellery a reality.

Between approximately 4 and 6 weeks later, your custom made, unique jewellery will be ready, a date well worth waiting for. For peace of mind, interim appointments are often made to check models and sizing.

Your dream jewellery will be everything you want it to be.

Get your design started today


Contact us to make an appointment on 01727 860329

or email info@galio.co.uk

Here at Galio we can also reuse, repurpose and rework your existing jewellery to give it a new lease of life.