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Updated: May 19, 2023

Jewellery stacking has gained popularity in recent years, and it’s not going anywhere in 2023. Jewellery stacking is a fun and creative way to express your personal style and with a little bit of experimentation and some careful consideration, anyone can create a stunning jewellery stack.

Layering jewellery isn’t always intuitive and there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to jewellery stacking. First, it's important to mix and match different styles and textures of jewellery. This can include combining delicate pieces with bolder, statement pieces or mixing metals like gold and silver. Layering necklaces of varying lengths is also a popular way to create a stacked look.

Charms can add a new element to the stacking silhouette to keep the layer a bit more interesting, multiple pendants added asymmetrically on a chain can create a striking, personalised look. Check out our Meira T collection for beautifully made charm necklaces.

When it comes to earring stacks, mismatched earrings create a cool and unconventional feel to your overall look.

Mix it up by balancing statement earrings with more delicate ones and if you only have your ear lobes pierced, an ear cuff is a great way to take the stack further up your ear without having to pierce and will create that all important asymmetrical look. Check out our Sif Jakobs earring collection for pretty hoops and studs perfect for stacking.

Ankle chains have been elevated this year and you can find some really pretty, higher end pieces now.

You can’t go too bold with ankle chains but two or three delicate pieces can add a glamorous touch to any outfit. Our Sif Jakobs ankle chains chains look great with jeans and trainers as well as heels! Shop our ankle chains here.

Bangles are back - and don't be afraid of stacking them up for an edgy aesthetic.

Create balance when creating your stack, aim for a balance of thick and thin, plain and embellished bangles, and different textures and finishes. Odd numbers of bangles tend to look best when stacked. Try grouping bangles in sets of three or five for the most aesthetically pleasing look. Shop our bracelets and bangles here.

Mixing pieces you already own with newer more contemporary styles can breathe new life into jewellery that you might not otherwise have worn. The key is to have fun and experiment until you find a combination that you love!


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