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Recycle your unwanted gold at Galio Jewellers

Recycle or renew your jewellery for Galio vouchers towards new purchases.


Here at Galio we want to help create a more sustainable industry so we would like to offer a more circular way of buying and creating jewellery. If you have old jewellery you no longer wear, give it a new lease of life by recycling it with us in exchange for Galio vouchers to put towards a new purchase or bespoke project

Trade in your unwanted gold at Galio Jewellers

We can recycle any solid gold or platinum jewellery or we can remodel existing metals and gemstones into beautiful new creations that reflect your personal style.

Contact us or pop in store for more details. Terms and conditions apply.*

Gold wedding ring sets

* Only jewellery will be considered and we may need to independently verify some pieces. Offers will be dependent on individual items and we reserve the right to decline evaluations.

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