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Black Rhodium Plating Trend

Updated: May 4, 2022

Black rhodium gives jewellery a dark lustre that has an edgy feel.

Rhodium is a very rare, naturally occurring member of the platinum group of metals. In its natural state, rhodium is silver-white and is used to plate white gold, giving it a more luminous finish. By binding ink to rhodium, dark colours can be created that can vary in colour from light grey to black.

A unique choice, black rhodium jewellery has an understated cool, and is a popular option for men’s wedding bands. It also sets off gemstones beautifully. Black diamonds look stunning against a gun-metal shade of rhodium plating and it can make coloured gemstones really pop!

Shaun Leane uses silver with black rhodium as a cutting edge adaption throughout his signature collections. Full of intensity and allure, his one-of-a kind pieces, make a fierce and daring addition to any jewellery collection. Some very special pieces are complemented by the natural lustre of Black Pearls.

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