Junghans Max Bill Limited Editions

Updated: May 4

Junghans watches are commemorating six decades of purist design with the limited Max Bill Edition Set 60.

Junghans Max Bill Regulator

The first line of mechanical watches were designed for Junghans by Max Bill five years after the watchmakers’ collaboration with the Bauhaus artist was established, way back in 1956 – iconic designs which are still in production to this day.

Six decades have passed since then. Six decades of delightfully distinctive, purist watch designs.

Good things come in threes.

This year, Junghans are celebrating, and honouring the anniversary of this unique association with an exclusive collector’s trio of watches: Limited to just 1,060 units worldwide, the aptly named max bill Edition Set 60 comprises three very different timepieces.

Each of the three timepieces – a max bill Automatic, a max bill MEGA Kleine Sekunde and a max bill Regulator – come in their own individual case or can be housed collectively in a special Edition box.

The Max Bill MEGA Kleine Sekunde

Combines the meticulous design of the Bauhaus artist with ultimate precision timing: A decentralised second display with half-second progression is also testament to the accuracy of Junghans’ self-developed radio control technology within the watch.

Junghans Max Bill Sekunda

The Max Bill Regulator

The max bill MEGA Kleine Sekunde and the max bill Automatic combine Max Bill’s exquisite sense of proportion with modern wristwatches and state-of-the-art technology.

Junghans Max Bill Regulator

Max Bill Automatic

The third watch in the set, a max bill Automatic, boasts an impressive purist clarity which shows the hours, minutes and seconds traditionally from the centre.

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