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Personalised Jewellery from Galio

Updated: May 4, 2022

Current personalised jewellery trends – from birthstone and zodiac jewellery to initial pendants and signet rings – have deep historical roots, yet remain relevant today by appealing to our desire to express ourselves.

We all like to make our mark! And historically jewellery was worn to express elements of identity, from cultural affiliation to social status, occupation, family and relationships. Today personalised jewellery serves the same purpose and it’s making a big comeback!

Birthstones, initials, and zodiac symbols immediately give a deeply personal quality, and here at Galio we can create something truly unique to you by adding custom elements such as engraving a zodiac symbol, personal message or even embedding a tiny birthstone. From monograms to a modern take on a family coat of arms, with enough lead-time anything is possible.

We have a fabulous range of necklace discs, lockets and dog-tags, as well as signet rings, elegant bar bracelets and even earrings, ready to personalise with your own message or design.

From birthdays and anniversaries to something special for a bridesmaid/best man gift,

pop in store, book an appointment or gives us a call to find out more about our personalised jewellery service.

Signet Ring Trend

According to Christopher Austen, Fashion blogger, ‘Many people wear or own signet rings today. They are expressions of individuality and fashion statements, sometimes they are even family heirlooms. In fact the signet ring used to be an important cultural item of jewellery and has played a surprisingly significant role in history.

These days signet rings are a fashion statement. Either traditionally engraved with a seal using the family coat of arms or more symbolically decorated. Their resurgence could be tied with, and balance, the amount of change we are all experiencing. A kick back to the traditional during an era of technological revolution.

Authentic, but never boring these rings are both an expression of the individual and something to pass down the generations, a thread to bind your tribe together! A symbol of belonging.


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