Updated: May 4

Just landed in store - a must have for any watch lover! We have a beautiful range of watch winders from WOLF, a five-generation family owned brand, established in 1834.

If you own more than one watch, you know the importance of watch winders, and how the precision engineering of watches benefit from being used rather than left idle. Inside your watch are many cogs, levers and springs, all of which are lubricated by a very fine oil that keeps the watch functioning at optimal performance, so a watch winder keeps your watches running when you’re not wearing them, ensuring optimal performance with no need for resetting. WOLF watch winders also happen to be super stylish.

Placing your watch on a WOLF is the convenient solution and best practice for your watch’s health. WOLF owns the patent that counts turns per day, keeping your watch as accurate as possible. With over 185 years of innovation and patented technology, WOLF watch winders are uncomplicated watch care for your modern lifestyle.

Depending on your collection of timepieces, watch winders come in varying sizes, from smaller, single compartments to larger ones that can store more than six of your watches.

View the collection in store, or contact us for prices and ordering details.