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Your fine jewellery deserves a custom fit.

Updated: May 4, 2022

Whether it’s the ring with which you exchanged your vows, or the ring you worked hard to put on your own finger, CLIQ technology can seamlessly integrate into your existing jewellery.

Rings are typically sized based on your knuckle, not the base of your finger. If you find that your ring twists, turns, slips or is difficult to take off and on, you should consider CLIQ technology.

350 million people worldwide suffer from

arthritis and struggle to wear rings comfortably. CLIQ bypasses the joint and alleviates the pain of forcing a ring over a swollen knuckle.

If you are an athlete or simply live an active lifestyle, your hands may swell or you may have a history of injury. Just imagine if you could easily remove your ring for safekeeping before your workout and put it back on without struggling.

CLIQ’s hinge and latch design is virtually invisible and snag-free and adds the ability to open and close, but won’t sacrifice the smooth look and feel of precious metal and will blend seamlessly into any design. Durable enough for everyday use, CLIQ comes with a five-year guarantee.

If you would like more information about the CLIQ service available at Galio please get in touch today, Call us on 01727 860329 or email


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