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All About Green Diamonds

We love a fancy diamond here at Galio and we can't get enough of this beautiful, green diamond - the most precious and rarest of diamonds! After an 18 year break, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have rekindled their romance, and for their second engagement, Ben Affleck pulled out all the stops to pop the question with an 8.5 carat rare green diamond.

Green diamonds are an extraordinary fluke of nature, created when the raw materials are in just the right place at the right moment. While most coloured diamonds get their unique hues from either mineral impurities or deviations in the growth patterns of the stone, the green diamond colour is the result of exposure to radioactive uranium from rocks near the earth’s surface.

This colouring can be recreated in a lab but the rarity of a natural green diamond adds prestige and huge value to a stone.

A pure green colour diamond can be found with eight different colour intensity grades, from a light and zesty touch of green to a deep forest colour. Green diamonds have a fresh, youthful energy to them, they symbolise clarity and new beginnings – perfect for Jen and Ben!

Famous Green Diamonds

The Aurora Green

The Aurora Green is a natural green diamond just over five carats, that sold for $16.8m in 2016. It’s set into a ring surrounded by pink diamonds and is the most expensive green diamond ever sold.

Chopard Chameleon

The Chopard Chameleon diamond is a famous example of one of nature’s more extraordinary creations – chameleon diamonds. These rare diamonds change colour depending on their ambient temperature. This 31ct chameleon diamond shifts between olive green and brassy yellow and is the largest, highest quality example of this type of diamond ever found.

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