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Take time to remember the beautiful moments with your faithful dog by your side with these round Man's Best Friend Silver cufflinks.


This enchanting memento of those special strolls features an image of an owner stroking their loyal furry friend, capturing the love and laughter they share. The shape of the cufflinks symbolises unity; a circle to represent the completeness of this unique relationship. No words can express the cherished place that your pet holds in your heart or the faith and trust your pet has in you, their loving owner. These cufflinks are a magical keepsake for dog lovers, dedicated to the treasured bond that you share with your dog.


The cufflinks are handmade in sterling silver with oxidised detail and 22ct gold vermeil on some options.

Charlotte Lowe Round Mans Best Friend Silver Dog Cufflinks

£99.00 Regular Price
£49.50Sale Price
  • Product type: Cufflinks
    Measurements: H1.4 x W1.4 x D0.1cm
    Collection: Walk With Me

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