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Handcrafted from sterling silver, Talon Large Hoop Earrings are a unique alternative to silver hooped earrings.


Talon’s innovative design is a two-piece construction, seamlessly fitting together, creating a nuanced shape around the ear, securely fastened in place.


The talon Large Hoops follow a rounded, bulbous silhouette, tapered front to back, gently flattened, graduating to a pointed tip.


Designed with a left and right side, theTalon Hoops curve away from the face, embodying the creatures and forms that come alive in the pink dusk.


Designed to integrate with the body, the Talon Hoops follow through the ear, in larger sizes that reflect the strength and fragility of life.

Shaun Leane Silver Talon Large Hoop Earrings

  • Metal: Sterling Silver 
    Earring drop: 23mm 
    Dimension: 22mm

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