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Precious Moments with Charlotte Lowe

Updated: May 4, 2022

Charlotte Lowe’s collections of handmade jewellery celebrate today’s special moments with the memories that will always matter. Inspired by the joys brought to us through the simple moments in life, Charlotte's uniquely styled silhouette designs depict precious memories shared with family and friends to evoke sentimental feelings from within.

Charlotte Lowe Seashell Necklace

Working mainly in sterling silver and 22ct gold vermeil with limited editions also available in gold and platinum, each piece within the collection has been etched to reveal an enchanting image upon the surface.

Collecting keepsakes along her travels, from miniature shells and pebbles to photographs that capture those most unforgettable little moments, keep her inspired.


In 2009, Charlotte Lowe graduated from University with a BA Hons Degree in Art & Design. Eager to start up her own business, just a few months later, she acquired a workshop in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter. There Charlotte began to develop her distinctive collections by transforming of photographs and mementoes into intricate items of jewellery. Where she would later find she was in fact following in the footsteps of her Great Grandfathers who had been working in the quarter as jewellers since 1861.


Little Footprints necklace £76

The perfect sentimental gift. Loved ones walk together across the golden beach leaving behind a trail of footprints.


Couple Necklace £295

Walk with me under blue skies. Remember those special moments with this necklace from Charlotte Lowe. 22ct gold vermeil and blue enamel finish.


Man's Best Friend Silver Dog Cufflinks £135

Cute dog cufflinks celebrating

precious moments spent with man’s best friend. Handmade in sterling silver with oxidised detail. Hallmarked sterling silver.


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