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Timeless elegance from Cara Tonkin

Updated: May 4, 2022

Cara Tonkin designs beautiful, elegant and bold jewellery for stylish and strong-minded women.

Her work marries classic and contemporary design to create unique, timeless pieces. It is jewellery that comes to life when worn, intricate, playful and tactile yet expressing glamour and elegance.

The daughter of two artists, Cara grew up surrounded by creativity both at home and in the inspiring city of Brighton. After training at world-famous art school Central St Martins and achieving a First Class Honours degree in jewellery design, she returned to Brighton to establish her studio where every piece in her collections is made.

Cara is a lover of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements and is a believer in the philosophy of Art Nouveau: that art should be a way of life. The stylized and symbolic organic forms of Art Nouveau and the streamlined, sculptural and decadent aspects of Art Deco provide endless inspiration.

Icarus Stud Earrings £55

Layers of textured feathers from designer Cara Tonkin. These elegant, overlapping elements move playfully when worn.

Theda Cleo Necklace £230

A homage to the magnificent silent film star Theda Bara in her role as Cleopatra. Pure glamour from Cara Tonkin

Catena Triple Loop Hoops £150

The Catena Triple Loop Earring is a unique and contemporary take on the classic hoop style.


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