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All About Emeralds

As April showers give way to May flowers, we welcome a new month filled with vibrant colours and renewed energy. And for those fortunate enough to call May their birth month, there's a gemstone that perfectly captures the essence of this lively time of year—the captivating emerald.

At Galio Jewellers St Albans, we revel in commemorating life's milestones, and what better way to honour May birthdays than by delving into the rich history and allure of the emerald?

A Jewel with a Storied Past

Emeralds have been revered for centuries for their mesmerising beauty and rich history. Dating back to ancient civilisations like the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, emeralds were cherished for their lush green hue, symbolising rebirth and vitality. Cleopatra, the famed Egyptian queen, was said to have had a deep affinity for emeralds, often adorning herself with jewellery featuring these precious gems.

The Symbolism of Green

As nature bursts forth in full bloom during May, the emerald serves as a fitting symbol of renewal and growth. Its verdant colour evokes images of lush landscapes and flourishing foliage, infusing any piece of jewellery with a sense of vitality and freshness.

Timeless Elegance

Beyond its symbolism, the emerald exudes an undeniable sense of elegance and sophistication. Whether set in a classic solitaire ring, dangling from a pair of earrings, or adorning a pendant, emeralds possess a timeless allure that effortlessly elevates any ensemble.

Celebrate in Style

This May, honour your loved one born under the sign of the emerald with a stunning piece of jewellery from Galio Jewellers St Albans. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion worth celebrating, an emerald will serve as a timeless reminder of your love and appreciation.

Experience the magic of emeralds this May at Galio Jewellers St Albans. Visit our showroom or explore our online collection to discover the perfect piece that captures the essence of this enchanting gemstone.


Looking after your emerald jewellery is essential to maintain its beauty and longevity. While emeralds are stunning gemstones, they are also relatively delicate and require proper care to ensure they remain radiant for years to come. Here are some tips to help you care for your emerald jewellery:

1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Emeralds are sensitive to chemicals, including those found in household cleaners, cosmetics, and perfumes. Always remove your emerald jewellery before using cleaning agents or applying beauty products to prevent damage to the gemstone.

2. Gentle Cleaning

Clean your emerald jewellery regularly using a soft cloth or a gentle jewellery cleaning solution. Avoid harsh abrasives or ultrasonic cleaners, as they can damage the emerald or its setting. Instead, gently wipe the gemstone with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly with a soft, lint-free towel.

3. Store Safely

Store your emerald jewellery separately from other pieces to prevent scratches and damage. Ideally, store each piece in a soft pouch or a lined jewellery box to protect it from dust and moisture. Additionally, consider wrapping the jewellery in a soft cloth to provide an extra layer of cushioning.

4. Minimise Exposure to Heat and Light

Excessive heat and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the colour of emeralds to fade over time. Store your emerald jewellery away from sources of heat and light when not in use, and avoid wearing it during activities that expose it to intense heat, such as sunbathing or using hot tubs.

5. Check the Settings Regularly

Inspect the settings of your emerald jewellery periodically to ensure that the gemstone is secure. Loose settings can increase the risk of damage or loss, so have any issues repaired by a qualified jeweller as soon as possible.

6. Professional Maintenance

Consider having your emerald jewellery professionally cleaned and inspected by a jeweller at least once a year. A professional cleaning will remove any built-up dirt or residue and ensure that the setting is secure, helping to maintain the beauty and integrity of your jewellery.

By following these simple tips, you can keep your emerald jewellery looking radiant and beautiful for generations to come. With proper care and maintenance, your emerald pieces will continue to dazzle and delight for years to come.


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